Jun 5, 2015

15/06/05 BETTER RE News: We're on Fast Company + USB output ports added to All Expansion packs!

Hello everyone.
We now have about four days left before the funding ends.
More and more people are backing us, and lots of media are reaching out to us! :)
Don't be too surprised to catch us out on TV programs! ;D

Today we were featured on Fast Company, the well-renowned magazine in the US!

In the article, you can find out what environmental problems smartphone batteries are causing, and how BETTER RE can solve them!
You would be surprised to find out how important it is to reuse old smartphone batteries. :)

Today, I'm here to tell you three news about BETTER RE.

First news,
We decided to add USB output ports to all BETTER RE packs, including the expansion packs!

Yes, we suggested as a stretch goal,
but after long consideration, we concluded that we want to send our backers the best product we can make.
So we agreed to add USB ports to expansion packs as well, no matter how much we fundraise.
Now you can share BETTER RE with your friends and family, and you can charge multiple devices at once!

Second news,
We got many questions from backers about the input and output capability of BETTER RE.
There were some confusions during the process, but we made it clear the both input and output is 2A!
If you were worried BETTER RE would charge (or be charged) slowly, don't worry now!

Third news,
You can now use the Qualcomm quick charge 2.0 fast charger with BETTER RE!
The quick charger can charge devices at up to 3A. Quick, huh?

When you charge one BETTER RE pack with QC charger, it would be charged at 2A, due to the input limit of BETTER RE.
But when you charge BETTER RE with expansion pack on it, they will be charged at 3A altogether!
Yeah you can charge BETTER RE much faster now!

The last day of our funding is getting closer, and we are trying to come up with new ways to make BETTER RE better.
Thanks to many of our backers giving us suggestions, we found good ways to do so!

BETTER RE is going to be shipped on November, so it will be a great gift for your loved ones on Christmas.
Share our story, and let more people get involved!

To meet BETTER RE on Kickstarter: visit http://buff.ly/1AQHjz5

Hope you all have a wonderful day! :)

Awaken your Energy, Enlighten our World.

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