May 21, 2015

Feature #1. In One Single Platform - Universal Charger

The first main feature of BETTER RE!
It is an universal charger - accommodating batteries of any size.

Smartphone batteries differ in their size and thickness, from model to model.
That's why we cannot use our old batteries after changing our phones.

But there's one thing the batteries have in common -

the contact part.

By coming up with a way to connect to the contact part and hold the battery in place,
BETTER RE functions as a universal charging platform.
All batteries currently in the market can be reused in BETTER RE.

Simple and easy.
Clip your battery in right position by connecting to the corresponding electrode.
Plus (+) with plus, Minus (-) with minus!

Big or small, thick or thin, any battery can come alive in BETTER RE.
Have any used batteries rolling around in the drawers you were hesitant to throw away?
Awaken them, and power your devices with BETTER RE.

Don't be late for our Kickstarter project!

Awaken your Energy, Enlighten our World.

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