May 18, 2015

Welcome to BETTER RE's blog!

Hello World! This is ENLIGHTEN, the creator of BETTER RE.
Welcome to the official blog of BETTER RE, upcycling power pack reusing smartphone batteries.

To briefly introduce our product,

BETTER RE is an upcycling power pack reusing smartphone batteries.
Let's go through the main features that make it special. 

First, it is universal; it works with any size or model of smartphone batteries. 
Thanks to the multi-clip, BETTER RE can accommodate any batteries on the market, 
regardless of the thickness or size.

Second, it is sustainable; you can use it for a long time by replacing the batteries.
As you can change the battery that goes inside, 
you can use BETTER RE for as long as you want, just like fountain pens!

Third, it is expandable; you can adjust the capacity by adding the expansion packs.
Light but small-capacity ones? Or, large-capacity but bulky ones? 
No need to choose between these two!
With BETTER RE, you can expand the capacity at your need.

Fourth, it is stylish; the polished style and design will make you unique.
BETTER RE not only thinks about the environment but also about your style. 
Simple yet unique, it will make you even more special.

Last but not least, it is eco-friendly; the materials cause minimal harm to the nature.
Made of 100% recyclable aluminum and FSC-certified hardwood, 
BETTER RE thinks about the environment from start to finish.

From now on, we will tell you stories about BETTER RE and ENLIGHTEN.
You'll see what we went through to this day, and what is special about our product.

We hope this blog can be an open platform for communication, 
so please feel free to leave comments or ask questions. ;-)

To find us on Kickstarter, Click: 

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