May 26, 2015

Product specification - From Charging capability to Component parts

Hello! Good to see you all. Were you waiting for the next posting? ;-)
Now that we checked out BETTER RE's features, it's time to learn how much it can do!

Charging Capability

Let's start with the charging capability.

1. The number of full charges for your device

As you would have expected, BETTER RE's charging capability differs according to what battery is used in it.
Let's suppose you clip in battery with the maximum capacity - 3400mAh, used in Vega Secret Note 2 or Nokia Lumia 1520.
Since our purpose is to reuse old smartphone batteries, we assumed there is 80% of efficiency left in the battery.
  • With the single package - with one BETTER RE basic pack - you can charge iPhone 6 1.2 times, iPad Air 2 0.3 times, Galaxy S6 0.9 times, and Galaxy Note 4 0. times.
  • With the double package - with one BETTER RE basic pack and one expansion pack - you can charge iPhone 6 2.4 times, iPad Air 2 0.6 times, Galaxy S6 1.7 times, and Galaxy Note 4 1.4 times.
  • With the triple package - with one BETTER RE basic pack and two expansion packs - you can charge iPhone 6 3.6 times, iPad Air 2 0.9 times, Galaxy S6 2.6 times, and Galaxy Note 4 2.0 times.

Don't forget, if you have more batteries to reload, the charging capability can get bigger and bigger!

2. Time to fully charge

BETTER RE's output power is 2A in 5V.
While many other external battery packs have output power of 1A or 1.5A, BETTER RE can charge your device faster than you think!

Keep in mind that the total capacity does not affect the time to fully charge.
In other words, expanding the capacity doesn't mean the charging gets faster.
Larger capacity means more times of full charge!!

With BETTER RE, you can charge your iPhone 6 in 54.3 minutes, iPad Air 2 in 220 minutes, Galaxy S6 in 76.5 minutes, and Galaxy Note 4 in 96.6 minutes.
Remember that this charging time is one of the fastest in the market right now!

Product Dimensions

Second, the size and weight of BETTER RE, as well as the maximum battery size that can fit in.

BETTER RE's width is 2.66 inches (67.65 mm), the length is 5.05 inches (128.50 mm), and it is 0.53 inches (13.70 mm) thick.
It weighs 2.57 oz, or 73g. Lighter than you think, right?
The total weight after you clip in your battery depends on the battery you used,
but it won't make much difference. ;-)

The maximum size of the battery to go inside is 3.86 inches (97.8 mm) * 2.30 inches (58.5 mm), with the thickness of 0.25 inch (6.5 mm).
Go check your batteries to see if it can fit in!

Component parts

I suppose many of you - especially those interested in machinery - would have been wondering what's inside BETTER RE.
And here goes the picture of all component parts in BETTER RE!

You would easily notice the aluminum body and the wood part, as well as the multi-clip.

The PCB in the middle is the circuit that helps utilize your used batteries to charge your smartphones.
See the three pins sticking out? They are the pins that connect to the batteries!
They enable us to use batteries with different structure of electrodes, regardless of the order of + and -. :)

The residual display button is on the top of the product, telling how much energy is left in the internal battery.
Open buttons are the two buttons on the side that let you open the case,
and the knob is the small handle on the back of the multi-clip.

Not sure what all these components are for? Check here to know how to use BETTER RE!

Hope this posting answered many of the questions you had in mind. :-)
Now that you checked the size of BETTER RE and the battery to fit in,
it's time to get your BETTER RE ready! Meet us at Kickstarter:

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