May 25, 2015

Feature #5. Better Style, Better Design - Stylish look

Last but not least, fifth feature of BETTER RE!
Its simple yet polished style will complete your look.

In the last posting, we showed you the special materials used in BETTER RE. (here)
And that was not all!
Some of you might think good and eco-friendly products can rarely look cool.
BUT! BETTER RE will be presented to you in its great design, which awarded the 2014 Red Dot award.
The aluminum itself gives modern feeling, and the final finishing adds special look.
Brushed or matte - choose your favorite style!

Imagine how cool the aluminum would look with your devices!

You can choose from four styles, according to the color and texture finishing.
In the picture above, you can see brushed silver, matte white, brushed black and matte black.

Now let's see closely in how they look.

That's not all!
Naturally distinct grain of the wood part will make every one of you look unique and special.

As you would have probably noticed,
silver and white versions use bright colored maple wood,
while the black versions two use dark colored walnut wood.

Now it's time to see how it looks with real models.

Now it's your turn!! Don't wait to see how it will change your style.
Saving the environment doesn't mean you have to give up the style!
Join us to be better, and look better as well!

To check BETTER RE on Kickstarter, visit !

Awaken your Energy, Enlighten our World.

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