May 21, 2015

Feature #3. Smarten up your Daily life - Expandable capacity

Third feature! 
BETTER RE has infinite expandability - you can adjust the capacity at your need!

Were you tired of carrying that heavy and bulky external battery pack in your bag,
worrying about emergency situations - such as having to charge your phone several times?

There's a moment when many of us hesitate before choosing external battery packs.
Capacity and portability playing a tug-of-war in your mind: 
the light and compact one with small capacity? Or the one with large capacity bulky as a brick?

Now get out of the hassle with BETTER RE!
With the expansion pack, you can adjust the capacity as you want.

To expand the capacity, stack up the expansion pack on BETTER RE basic pack.
There are built-in magnets in both the packs, which holds them together easy and firm.
(Of course, it isn't hard to separate them!!)

As in the picture, fit the bump on the expansion pack into the indentation on the pairing BETTER RE. 
The expansion packs have the indentations too, so you can stack them up endlessly!
Now see why it has "infinite" expandability? ;-)

On normal days, bring only the basic pack with you - simple and light.
Be free from holding bulky battery packs that are more like an insurance for emergency situations.

When you have to stay outdoors for a long time - such as going on a business trip - 
or have to charge large-capacity devices, bring along the expansion packs!
Smarten up your daily life by adjusting the capacity at your need, and stay connected to the world. :D

Capacity and portability; to catch the two rabbits at once, visit !!

Awaken your Energy, Enlighten our World.

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