May 21, 2015

Feature #2. Never Ending BETTER RE - Semi-permanent lifespan

The second feature of BETTER RE!
BETTER RE is semi-permanent; you can use it for as long as you want.

WHY is it semi-permanent?
Imagine using a fountain pen.
By changing the ink, you can use the pen for as long as you want - unless you dump it out the window.

Just like that, you can keep BETTER RE for long by changing the battery.
All you need to do is change the battery inside when it is used up!

In case of common external battery packs,
you have to throw away the whole thing when the batteries in them expire.
Then you have to buy a totally new one, watching your money escaping your wallet little by little.

Well, your wallet is not the only one suffering.
Our nature is bearing all the burden; imagine tons of external battery packs thrown away every year!

With BETTER RE, you can keep your money from leaking out your wallet,
as well as save our environment from e-wastes.
Think one more time about how your action can change your daily life, and our environment!

Being eco-friendly is not the only special thing!!
As a belonging of yours that will stay for a long time,
we engrave your name or a special phrase into the wooden part of BETTER RE.
(To tell you the secret, it's a special service only on Kickstarter now!)

Just as you inscribe your name into something you want to cherish for a long time,
engrave your own value into your one-and-only BETTER RE!

To see semi-permanent & one-and-only BETTER RE, visit !

Awaken your Energy, Enlighten our World.

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