May 21, 2015

Feature #4. Designed for our Better world - Eco-friendly material

Fourth feature of BETTER RE!
It uses eco-friendly materials, caring about this world from start to finish.

BETTER RE's body is made of 100% recyclable aluminum, and the caps at the top and bottom are made of maple or walnut hardwood.

We wanted to minimize the potential harm likely to happen to the nature when BETTER RE is discarded.
Yes, the product's lifespan is semi-permanent (as we explained here), but people tend to throw things away!
Though the manufacturing process got a lot more complicated and the cost also rose,
we did not give up our principle; we want to make our better world! :-)

With BETTER RE, keep your life freer, the nature cleaner, and our future brighter.

Want to make our planet a better place? Visit !

Awaken your Energy, Enlighten our World.

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